Krzysztof Andrzej Sikorski

Welcome. My name is Krzysztof Andrzej Sikorski, and this is my domain.

What is hosted here?

Kieleckie Forum RPG
A polish forum for a local group of gamers.
String quartet “Oblivion”
A "businness card" webpage for my sister's classical music band.
Encyclopædia Heroica
An abandoned project: character database for Wolsung: Steam Pulp Fantasy roleplaying game.

About me

My name is Krzysztof Andrzej Sikorski, also known as Radical Dreamer and Pomniejszy Badziew. I am a web developer from Kielce, Poland.

You can contact me by email: "krzysztof.sikorski" at this domain or "" at GMail.

If you want to know more, visit one of my network profiles: , , , , , , .

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